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For a few years, the use of cannabinoids in medicine has become quite extensive. From chronic pain to stress, insomnia to anxiety, CBD and related products have become one of the top most used non-pharmacologic substances. This has given rise to questions about how does CBD help with sleep. Let’s learn all about the effects of CBD on our sleep cycle and whether it’s beneficial or not.


Ever since the discovery of CBD as a therapeutic substance, researchers all over the world have been conducting studies to determine its efficacy for multiple disorders and diseases. Through these studies, it has been proven that CBD has soothing characteristics that are beneficial for pain management and the treatment of many mental disorders. But does that mean it helps individuals in getting the much-required beauty sleep too? Yes, it does!

Let’s find out how, together.

How Does CBD Help With Sleep?

It’s a known fact that CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system by imitating natural cannabinoids produced by our body. The ECS helps regulate important bodily functions such as our sleep cycle, pain management, nerve stimulation, and immune defenses.


When CBD binds with ECS receptors, it stimulates them to release molecules that act on various other systems of the body. The result is often decreased inflammation, lower levels of stress, and a relief of pain. Since these effects are essential in helping us fall asleep, most users report better sleeping patterns.


On top of that, CBD also affects our circadian rhythm and helps regulate sleep. Moreover, various studies have shown the favorable effects of CBD for sleeping in patients with sleep disorders. 

Sleep Disorders And CBD: Is It Effective? 

CBD is a biphasic drug which basically means that it shows contrasting properties in different doses. On doses that are below 150 mg, CBD might help you stay alert and active. However, on doses above 160 mg, it's actually a great sedative. Hence, doctors might recommend higher doses of CBD to combat certain sleep disorders. 


People who suffer from insomnia almost always have underlying causes related to stress or depression. One of the amazing effects of CBD is that it manages stress-related disorders quite well. Which in turn cures insomnia and helps the patient sleep well. 


One study also suggests that CBD improves sleep by lowering the high cortisol levels that are usually associated with it. Normally, cortisol levels are higher in the morning, and it decreases as the day progresses. But people with insomnia have high cortisol levels, which result in a hyperactive mind and body. In such cases, products of CBD help with sleep by decreasing cortisol levels and calming the brain. 

Pain, Anxiety, And Stress

In addition to its effects on the ECS, CBD can also bind with serotonin receptors to promote serotonin production and release. By stimulating the release of serotonin, CBD becomes a mood-boosting drug that deals quite effectively with stress and anxiety.


Furthermore, it can facilitate ECS in dealing with traumas and bad memories. It stimulates the system to repress such memories, helping patients manage high-stress levels and clinical depression. Individuals who face trouble falling or staying asleep due to anxiety or pain note that CBD is a great alternative to sleeping pills. 

REM Disorder

Rapid Eye Movement is a sleeping stage that occurs 90 minutes after you have fallen asleep. It is related to rapid movements of our eyes because of high brain activity. This phase can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. However, a general rule of thumb shows that its duration increases in every stage of sleep. 


REM disorders are associated with random, violent bursts of movement and vocal reactions. Our muscle tone increases excessively, which might also result in nightmares or sleep paralysis. 


Fortunately, CBD has shown beneficial results for REM disorders too. It helps relax our brain and body and regulates the sleep cycle. 

Using CBD For Sleep

Now that we know how CBD benefits our sleeping cycle and patterns, it’s important to understand when and how to take it to achieve optimal results. Before we dive into the world of doses and timings, let us tell you a bit about the top CBD products that are the biggest problem-solver when it comes to sleeping disorders.  

Top CBD Products That Help Sleep Better

  • CBD Cream: A cream with the right ingredients can be massaged to provide pain relief and let the user sleep in peace.
  • CBD Oil: It’s one of the best products for pain relief and a night of better sleep. The oil can be massaged on the body. It gets absorbed into the underlying structures and helps relax the spasmodic muscles. 
  • CBD Softgels: Available in a variety of doses, the soft gel capsules are great for people who are conscious about active cannabis. The products are usually THC-free but have all the therapeutic properties of CBD.   
  • CBD Infused Gummies: Gummies are one of the most sought-after CBD products since it’s easier and tastier to eat. It’s mostly available in varying flavors too. The gummies act directly on the sleep cycle and help modulate it to our liking. 

Dosage And When To Take Them

CBD oil’s therapeutic dose for sleeping disorders and anxiety is well above 150 mg. Most doctors recommend starting with a dose of 160 mg CBD almost an hour before you wish to sleep. This gives it enough time to get metabolized in the body and provide amazing results.


Another way that you can take CBD is by distributing the dose throughout the day. Instead of taking a high dose once daily, you can divide the dose into thrice daily. In addition to regulating sleep, taking CBD three times a day also helps you deal better with anxiety, stress, or pain throughout the day. 


Since products containing CBD help with sleep by altering the sleep cycle and ECS, you must consult a doctor beforehand. It’s also imperative to be cautious when using CBD. 

Cautions When Taking CBD For Sleeping

  • Before starting any kind of CBD regimen, consult your physician about its safety in your condition. It’s also important to understand how it interacts with other drugs so that you aren’t unknowingly harming yourself. 
  • Although it’s a relatively safe product, overdosing can lead to nausea, vomiting, and other side effects. Hence, always make sure to use the appropriate dose.
  • THC-free CBD is the only cannabinoid that doesn’t appear in a drug test. So, if your work conducts regular checkups and surprise tests, you must inform them about your condition with proof of your physician’s approval of the drug. 

Key Takeaway

Many studies and people’s recommendations suggest that products containing CBD help with sleep in a noteworthy way. CBD’s remarkable pain relief and stress control properties are also a great indicator of its benefits as a sleep-inducing medication. While it appears to be a safe bet, it’s still crucial for your own safety that you order CBD from a legit store.


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