CBD (cannabidiol) is a popular trend nowadays, touting a multitude of health benefits. But users are concerned that it can be detected in drug screening tests. If you’re wondering how long does CBD stay in your system, you’re not alone. Read on to find out more about the topic.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

If you’re wondering how long does CBD stay in your bloodstream, the answer isn’t that simple.

According to Kelly Johnson-Arbor, a certified medical toxicologist and co-medical director of the National Capital Poison Center, a lot of factors influence how long CBD stays in your system.

Moreover, any drug you use is typically eliminated from the body in four to five half-lives. A half-life is the time required for the concentration of the CBD you used to decrease to half of the starting dose. So traces of the drug can still be detected in your system days after you’ve consumed it.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that influence how long does CBD stay in your system.

The Type of CBD Used

CBD is available in various forms, such as:

  • pills
  • edibles
  • cigarettes
  • creams
  • lotions
  • oils
  • tinctures

The form of CBD you use influences how quickly you feel the effects of the drug and how long it stays in your body. Typically, the faster CBD enters the bloodstream, the quicker it leaves the body.

So if you smoke or vape CBD, it goes straight into your lungs. You’ll feel the effects right away. However, the effects will leave quickly too. On the other hand, CBD oils and edibles take a while to be absorbed into the bloodstream, but they can stay in your system longer. 

How Much CBD You Use

The amount of CBD you use at one time affects how long it stays in your system. So the higher the dose of CBD you take, the longer it stays in your body.

How Often You Use It

How long does CBD effect last greatly depends on how frequently you consume the drug. For instance, CBD will stay longer in the system if a person uses it every day. However, if they use it occasionally, the body can quickly eliminate it.

In fact, frequent use of CBD allows the drug to build up in the body and remain in the system for longer. That’s because CBD accumulates in the fatty tissues of heavy users over time and stays in the system for longer. CBD is released slowly into the bloodstream before being eliminated from the body.

Your Body

Every person has a unique body. Reactions depend on various factors such as your gender, BMI (body mass index), metabolism, water content, etc. So CBD affects every individual differently.

For instance, females have a slower metabolism than males. That means women cannot excrete CBD from their bodies as quickly as men. 

The Foods You Eat

One of the biggest factors to impact how long the effects of CBD will last is how much food you eat and what you eat. Studies show that CBD leaves your system quicker when consumed without food. A full stomach slows down the metabolization, digestion, and elimination of CBD. The drug binds with the food and is less likely to be eliminated from your body sooner.

Another study identified that the level of CBD in the blood remains high after eating a meal high in fats. So if you consume CBD with foods like avocados, cheese, and nuts, it will take longer for CBD to leave your system.

The Condition of Your Liver

The answer to ‘How long does CBD stay in the body’ is linked closely to the condition of your liver.

CBD is metabolized by enzymes in the liver and enters the bloodstream. Anyone with liver disease will not be able to break down the drug appropriately. CBD may not be as effective - or remain in the system that long.

Other Medications You Take

Studies have highlighted the drug-drug interaction between CBD and other medicines. Since the body breaks down certain medications in the liver, the use of some medicines can increase or decrease the metabolism of CBD. In other words, the medicines you take can also influence how long CBD stays in your body.

When Does CBD Kick In?

Now that we’ve addressed your concern over ‘How long does CBD stay in your system’ we can answer some other questions you may have.

One common one that users often ponder over is how long it takes for the effects of CBD to kick in.

Again, the answer isn’t straightforward.

Several factors influence how quickly you can feel the effects of CBD, many of them the same as those that impact how long CBD stays in the body.

So the form of CBD, the dosage, your body type, etc., all have an important role. That means predicting how quickly the effects of CBD will kick in depends greatly on you.

But generally speaking, you should be able to feel the effects of CBD in about 15 minutes if you smoke, vape, or use it sublingually. On the other hand, edibles, pills, and topical products usually take longer to kick in, nearly an hour or so.

Knowing this information beforehand will enable you to make the right choices and help relieve your symptoms in a timely manner. Plus, you’ll know which products are best for your condition and body type.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to state how long does CBD stay in your system since everyone has a unique response to the drug. But no matter how you use CBD or the quantity you take, the effects of the drug can remain in your bloodstream anywhere from a few hours to almost a month.

However, the key is to use the best quality CBD. That’s why you should consider using Oasis Cosmetics, a reputable brand in the CBD industry. We are committed to providing a variety of high-quality CBD-infused products that guarantee to be absorbed quickly into your body and alleviate your symptoms and pain.