Are you tired of the chronic excruciating pain in your back? This blog will shed light on tried and tested ways to help alleviate back pain and explain how to apply the cream to your back.

Dealing with back pain is a nightmare. Those who experience an achy back can affirm that it makes day-to-day life quite problematic. Not just that, it hinders your sleep, thereby making you irritable and cranky. If you have been dealing with this problem for a while, you must have tried all remedies under the sun to treat the pain, but nothing seems to work, and you have probably given up. Don’t give up just yet because this blog might have the ideal solution to treat your back pain.

Available in various forms, such as CBD salve or cream, cannabidiol has gained immense popularity over the years among people suffering from back, joint, nerve, or neuropathic pain. If you are wondering does CBD cream work for pain, continue reading until the end to have all your questions answered.

Back Pain: Causes and Symptoms

Before we move on to the treatment, let’s first discuss the causes and symptoms. If you are dealing with back pain, you probably know all about it. However, you might not be aware that you are not alone and chronic back pain is more common than you think. Around 65 million Americans report episodes of back pain, and 8% of all adults — around 16 million — experience chronic back pain.

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disabilities across the globe. It can arise from osteoporosis, arthritis, skeletal problems, and improper lifting.

The most alarming aspect of back pain is that it doesn’t stay isolated to the back alone. If you experience back pain, you must have felt it shooting down the legs and elevate when you walk or stand for prolonged hours. Consequently, it affects mobility and is the top reason people miss work.

All thanks to science, fortunately, today, there are options for treating back pain. One of the most accessible and easiest ways is using CBD cream. Now, you must be wondering how to use CBD cream. Continue reading for a detailed explanation!

What is CBD Cream & How Can It Help?

Over the past decade, the health and wellness industry has produced countless new products, proven to be effective for treating skin conditions and pain relief. One of these products is CBD cream which can work wonders for your back pain and help you to a great extent.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring chemical compound found in marijuana. Like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is extracted from cannabis plants and used for different medicines and ointments. The primary difference between CBD and THC is that contrary to THC, CBD does not exhibit psychoactive properties.

There is a popular misconception that these creams can make you addicted or get you “high.” This notion is untrue as a CBD cream does not contain THC, thereby negating the chances of making you drugged. It will only bring hope to those suffering from severe back pain or muscle aches.

To get the answer to your question, “does CBD balm work,” it’s important to understand that unlike the hydrophobic property of balms and creams, CBD absorbs faster, thereby working like magic and alleviating pain.

How Does CBD Cream Work to Fight Back Pain?

Our body has an endocannabinoid system, a network made of neurotransmitters and receptors responsible to regulate processes like immunity, digestion, and sleep, and is also responsible for the perception of pain. CBD interacts with this system and is effective as a pain reliever. Additionally, the compound has structural similarities with neurotransmitters produced naturally by the body, which impacts their absorption and production.

Another feature contributing to CBD’s functionality is that it is naturally anti-inflammatory. This aspect is particularly useful for those whose pain is caused by inflammation. Based on this property, it is a great alternative to other anti-inflammatory options, which cause various health problems or can lead to addiction.

 Did you know that poor sleep cycles, stress, and anxiety are also linked with chronic pain? If you suffer from these problems, they will only worsen your pain. That’s where CBD plays its role by lowering stress and anxiety while contributing to better sleep. CBD is known to decrease pain levels due to these additional benefits.

How to Apply CBD Cream to Your Back?

Before applying a CBD cream, you first need to determine the appropriate strength for you. Most CBD creams begin at 200mg, which are for beginners or for skin care purposes. On the contrary, fitness-focused variants are much stronger. Since these creams are localized, you can easily judge how much to use each time you apply. You can begin by using as little as a dollop of product, and doctors recommend using a little amount initially so you can better determine what works for your body. Depending on your need, you can reapply the product multiple times.

Oasis Cosmetics’ CBD cream offers a soothing and relieving effect by getting absorbed into your skin and alleviating pain. The application is simple; clean and dry your back, apply a small amount of the cream to the targeted areas, and massage into the skin. You will begin to feel the soothing effects in a couple of minutes after application.

The cream can be applied up to three times per day, and you can use it for seven consecutive days without taking a break. However, it is advised to always consult a doctor for the best advice depending on your requirement. Also, make sure to read the product label for complete instructions to avoid any mishaps.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this blog answered all your questions regarding CBD cream, and now you know how to apply cream to your back. Regardless of the cause, there are countless reasons to try CBD cream for back pain. Its interactions with your endocannabinoid receptors, along with its anti-inflammatory properties, produce results by providing effective and immediate relief from excruciating back pain. Plus, using it offers fast results in targeted areas.